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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tuesday, MaMa's Day

This is from last Tuesday, but her routine is the same each week -- Tuesday she gets to spend with her MaMa. I have life group on Tuesday mornings so I drop her off on my way to church. She has her music class from 11:15-11:45 and she usually stays to play on their playground. My mom and dad just recently decided to start taking her out to lunch after music, in part because my dad and Bobby are now working out on Tuesday evenings. They are actually working out now as I type this. Libby didn't nap today so she fell asleep a little before six, which gives me time to post a brief update. I would type longer but I have to type my post test for my US History boys! Here is one last pic for the post -- who knows where it will end up -- above or below this typing! Mom and Dad used to live over in the Hamburg area and they loved eating at Texas Roadhouse. They don't get over there as often as they like but they just happened to make in when the Budweiser clydesdales were there. What a treat -- Libby loves horses. Just look how big they are...

Well, that wasn't what I thought it was. Guess my honey didn't download the other one! Sorry about that. I'm sure my boys wouldn't mind if I posted some more, but I really must get this typed (I'm afraid Libby will wake up but who knows she could be down for the night!)