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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Birthday dinner with Granny

Aunt Laura, Libby and Granny at Applebee's, Libby's favorite restaurant.

Libby with her Aunt Laura

Libby is wearing her cherry clothes from Gymboree which Granny let her pick out for her birthday (are you seeing a pattern here?) Notice that she purchased the coordinating sunglasses to complete her outfit!

She enjoyed playing with the princesses almost as much as eating the cake.

Granny let Libby pick out her birthday cake from Caramanda's. Beautiful as well as delicious!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Libby's birthday in the Smoky Mntns

Cougar glad to see us after our vacation. Libby is holding Cruella DeVille that she picked out at The Disney Store Outlet. Up until then she had not watched 101 Dalmations, but now that is all we watch. (Also the real life version with Glenn Close.)
Bobby and Libby right as we were loading up the cars to head home.

Libby doesn't want to take a family photo before we leave.
Our cabin in the "Spooky" Mountains.

Macy with her American Girl doll and Libby with hers, not the real thing.
Libby named hers Elizabeth Evelyn. So then Macy, who calls hers Julie, decided to call hers Julie Claire, which is her middle name. How cute! Thanks, Aunt Anna and Uncle Kevin for her birthday doll.

Macy and Libby passing the time until our breakfast is ready at MaMa's Diner.

Maggie and Smokey made themselves right at home.

Libby opening up her presents from us:
a cross necklace from Lia Sophia.
Sad, I can't remember what else I put in the pink bag that looks like a purse!
She had another big bag that I put lots of little things in, glitter for her art projects, and again I can't remember what else right now! (The mind is a terrible thing to waste!)
Needless to say, she got way too much from everyone.
When Libby woke up, I had the Mrs. Potato Head, with the birthday stuff on from the Bivins', and the little balloon at the end of her bed and the Happy Birthday banner at the top of the stairs. She and Macy enjoyed dressing her up. It really is the little things!

Well, I did better today at putting pictures and words! Just remember everything is in reverse. Now if I could just remember that in posting the pictures, life would be good.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Two days of swimming on vacation

Libby and her cousin Macy

Libby and her MaMa Maggard

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Libby's 4th Birthday

Ben, Libby and Peyton playing in the box at Applebee's Park.
Ben twirling Libby for Pen the Tail on the Donkey.

Lauren Clay, Libby, Ben, Peyton, and Eli.
Not pictured but present at the party: Nick

Libby blowing out her candles on her cupcakes with Lauren Clay and Eli looking on.

Our annual photo updated for 2008.
Dad, 36, Mom 38, Libby 4