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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday's Two Minute Wrap up

9:00 AM Libby's Three Year Old Check Up
Weight: almost 30 pounds (the poor girl did not want to stand on the scale -- who can blame her! When I tried to demostrate, the darn thing read 145.5 -- surely not! I was holding my big VB Rooster purse which surely weighed a few pounds and I had on my big honking heeled & open toed sandals (no idea it was going to rain!)
Height -- no standing against the wall either so we had to lie her flat on the examination table and make head/toe marks to measure the old fashioned way. Not quiet 40 inches.
Blood Pressure -- her first time, how precious! 88/50 would somebody tell me what those numbers mean, please?
Also for the first time she had to wear a robe which she did not want to do either. It wasn't very soft so I can understand. Luckily at the grocery I had bought a five dollar nurse/doctor kit and put away in the closet for such a time as this. She enjoyed playing with that during the fifteen minutes we waited back in the room! If you asked her, probably her favorite thing was getting her hand stamped after she was done. That made her day -- much more so than a sticker even. We pay, she gets a lollipop to put in her medical kit and then we are off to run to the car in the rain -- yippee! I had my students fill out a questionnair that Libby had gotten from Great Escape and one question was "What do you like to do in the rain?" and one of my precious high schoolers said "play -- of course!" how darlin'
9:30 Drop Libby off at MaMa's and head to Life Group at SCC
Love these ladies! I just have to share about our answers to prayer: Janet's sister in law has had a turn for the better after looking like she was not going to be able to go home for awhile and Martha, who is doing the job of three people after two have left, we prayed for rain so that she could come to LG on Tuesday mornings. (She was a pro golfer so she does give lessons in the rain and therefore can come to group) She called during group to say she couldn't be there but to keep praying for rain on Tuesdays! We all had a great laugh.
11:10 drive thru Fazzoli's to get lunch on my way to school
11:30 wander the halls since the students are have a Leadership Team meeting in my room
noon -- Study Hall -- Can you pray that they would open their Assignment notebooks at the beginning of class so that I could go around the room and check their homework? They did work well today on their homework -- six boys, no girls. I know God has been laying on my heart to adopt a son but somehow I think this teaching job is that answer.
1:00 sit in on Science class -- I really don't know anything about science! Classifications of living and non-living things -- you try it!
2:00 US History -- Yesterday was Benjamin Harrison's birthday (8.20.1833 i think) our 23rd president from 1889-1893 so we read about him in a little fun facts book I had. When he became president, there were 38 states in the union. By the time he left office, six other states had joined -- can you name them? Also what sport was invented during his term in office? (hint: very big in our state) Also, today's fun fact was Hawaii joined the union on this day in 1959 -- who was president? I am learning alot -- are they?
3:15 head out to pick up Libby
4:00 she falls asleep in the car on the way home from MaMa & PaPa's
I read my Daily Chronological bible, eat a snack and flip through the mail, and then I veg. For some reason, I am stressed about school today. The house is a mess, dinner was soupy and it shouldn't have been. Did I make the right decision going back to teach? Too early to tell. I'll check back in on a good day when I am not plagued with doubts.
I tried to download the pictures from my Mom's camera of my trip this weekend. Well, her memory card is different than mine and it didn't work. That's the reason for no pictures and just a journal entry.
8:30 signing off for now,

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hi-5 Live!

Libby is worn out after a long fun day of singing & dancing with her Hi-5 friends.

Libby NOT wanting her picture made! She is holding her Jump N Jive with Hi-5 cd book and jup-jup. This is all we listen to in the car now -- please pray for me!

Kimmee reading a story -- the show is almost over!

Libby hugging Jup-Jup during intermission -- just starting to get the hang of this concert thing!

This is Jenn & Chats, her second favorite characters.

This is Kimmee, her favorite character. You'll see more pictures of her, but not with Jup-Jup her sidekick.

Bobby & Libby before the show began. This is pretty much what she did for the first part of the show -- suck her thumb!

OK! I don't get this blog! Earlier I lost all my journaling so I am too mad to retype it right now and all the pictures are backwards with all this space in between! Love/hate relationship going on here. I had so much fun reading Mel and Shannon's blog and I haven't had my usual Saturdays to update what has been going on with us. Can't believe it is August 1st today! Maybe my entry just sucked and that was God's way of not posting it! Who knows! I am going to heat up a nice slice of apple pie with caramel topping on top with side scoop of HD Dulce de leche ice cream and relax for the evening. What a way to end the day! Hope to hear from ya'll soon -- akml