Verse of the Day

Monday, February 16, 2009

President's Day

Good morning! Libby does not have Great Escape today so we decided to homeschool instead. First she wanted to do the map. She loves looking at the states. Snuggled in bed, we looked over the poster I bought at the Dollar Tree. "What are you going to tell me about the states?" she said. Thinking fast, I turned over the poster and there were six questions on the back:
1. Name the Great Lakes.
2. Name the two largest bodies of water bordering the U.S.
3. What river borders TN, KY, and IL?
4. What is the largest state in the U.S.?
5. Which state is a peninsula?
6. Which state is all islands?
Pretty good geography lesson!

Then she sat down at her desk, ready for something else. We got out her Kumon cutting book. #15 was a chocolate bar. She cut that out fast! How many pieces? 18 Then I asked her to get two friends and share the candy with them. She gave each one piece, so we practiced counting by threes. Then I had her get three more friends, for a total of six friends. Last we added three more friends, nine altogether. We talked about when there were just three of you, you had six pieces of candy. Then when you had six people, you only got three pieces of candy. She was getting tired at this point but we finished up with nine friends only getting two pieces of candy.

She wanted to play with her magnets: numbers, letters, pictures, dress-up dolls. I have them on the side of the filing cabinet. So I thought I would blog for all my friends who were tired of looking at the Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse entry. We all had a good time at Kimberly's Friday night at Bunco. Then Saturday, Carrie invited me to a Valentine's Day Tea. We drank Earl Grey Black Tea, Pomegrante Black Tea, Peach Apricot Black Tea and Strawberry Cream (decaf) Black Tea. All delicious and the Tomato Basil soup was my favorite dish! Amy, Amy and I had such a great time that we have decided to do it again. So girls, if you are reading this, I think I will have my Let's Do Tea Spring Tea Party on Saturday, March 21. We will try three teas: Blossoms of Spring Green Tea, Spring Black Tea and Spring Blast Rooibos Tea. Carrie set a high standard with the food so I will be working on the menu!

Valentine's Day continued at my mom and dad's watching the UK game. Again Jodie Meeks had a great game fortunately since Pat Pat was out. Libby fell asleep there so Bobby and I took in a movie, The International. I would recommend it!

Sunday we went to church then Bobby went to work and Libby and I picked up Granny to go antiquing. We went down to Manchester Street to An Antique Affair. We are looking for Dixie Bell and Mohney glass milk bottles. His grandparents owned those and we like to decorate the kitchen with them. No luck but I found a few old Bible textbooks and Libby found some McDonald's breakfast food for her kitchen. It was a little long for Libby but we had a good time. Laura and Caleb met us at Max & Erma's for dinner where Libby entertained us all!

Hope you all had a fun, family & friend filled weekend like I enjoyed! K