Verse of the Day

Monday, March 31, 2008

First Day of Spring Break

Stayed in my pjs all day and read a book, Murder on the Menu by Miranda Bliss. It is number two in the Cooking Class Mystery series. I haven't read number one but I will now. I am totally into these culinary mysteries, recipes included and some I have tried. Next book for the week, Key Lime Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke. Different series, I'll let you know my thoughts on that one. Bobby loves KLP so it is in his honor.

Memory for today: Playing Go Fish with Libby using our Animal Twin cards. When she got down to one card in her hand she said "UNO!" Her other favorite game which we usually play several times a day.

We got them out Animal Twins last night when Alyssa was her with her twin brothers, Brandon and Nate. They were good as gold, slept most of the time. I asked Bobby if he was ready for another baby. Not quite was his answer. Libby said no too. But then she added, "Maybe in April." She is so funny, we look at the calendar every morning at breakfast and talk about what day it is. She is really good with her numbers up to 31 and today she even counted by tens (didn't know she could do that!) She said "Today is the last day of March, then April, then May, then June 21, the first day of summer." She usually says June 22 which is her birthday. She knows Spring is here but she wants warm weather so she can wear short sleeves and shorts.

All day, she also kept saying she was having a dance recital somewhere else. She wore her pink leotard and danced around. She played Duck Duck Goose with Cougar but he wouldn't chase her, until she had food in her hands! Daddy got to put her in bed, even though she tried her usual argument of "Mommy, Mommy, Daddy, Daddy" that is her pattern for who puts her to bed. I like the pattern M-D-M-D, the every other night pattern.

Alright, the five things to know before going to bed is on so I'd better go.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mascot Madness

I am sitting here watching the Road to the Final Four with Libby. She is squealing every time she sees a mascot! Hilarious! What a memory.

She will let us watch the games but she wants to see their team mascot -- there cannot be enough commercial breaks for her. She has been playing with her mini pink basketball on the hardwood floors and then she will go get her pom-poms and cheer. All this in her pink tutu. How cute!

One other memory I wanted to post before I forget. Last Sunday, before we went to church for Easter, we were reading several Easter story books. I asked her what Jesus feed the disciples for supper and she replied "Grape juice and rocks" -- I will have to ask her Bible study teachers where that came from! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter.

I am on Spring Break this week. Glory! Now let's hope we have some nice weather, K