Verse of the Day

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tuesday: Girls Night with a unexpected guest!

Granddaddy is out of town for a short business meeting and Caleb, Laura's boyfriend, is in St. Croix, the U.S. Virgin Islands for work for the next two months, so when Bobby called to say he had a meeting tonight at 6:30 (Libby's favorite time) I called them to arrange a Girls Night out to dinner. Neither would pick a place, so I chose Libby's fav, Applebee's (we've been there one time!) After school, I called Bobby on the way to get Libby from my mom's to check on his day. A couple of things have happened, he says.
Good, bad or ugly? I say.
1. He took someone to look at our house, which isn't even on the market yet. GREAT! Please pray that God would just work all this out, who He has for tHis house, the timing, the Adam/Katie thing, every little detail. With school taking up more than it's share of my mental capacity, I can't think about the house situation. But He can and He wants to lift that burden from me, and the school thing too if I would just let Him, at which I am doing better!
2. His meeting got cancelled! So he crashed our girls night but that's okay, we just made it family night instead. Gracias to Kim for picking up the tab! She said that was Bob's contribution since he couldn't be with us; he was having dinner at the Oyster Bar, which is hilarious because for our Christmas dinner, Kim & Caleb made this oyster dish that made Bob and the rest of us cringe!

Libby started her new semester of music class today, God's Wonderful World. She has been doing Musikgarten since she was about six months old. She just sings all the time, loves playing her musical instruments. My mom takes her and they have made lots of new friends: Sam, Grace, Sara, Gigi, and a new little boy who just started today. Afterwards, they go outside and play on the church playground. Today was rather windy but still unseasonably warm.

Tomorrow we start back to Bible Study Fellowship. I look forward to seeing everyone and getting back into the book of Matthew. We have been studying since the middle of September and are up to chapter twelve. One of my co-workers may join me for guest day this week. We were talking about how life has gotten so complicated. Jesus made things so simple. Love God, love others. That's the goal. I need to remind myself of that more often.

My mind is drifting as I listen to the rain on the skylight. One thing I enjoy is falling asleep to the rain so I will call it a night. k

Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday: Mommies dinner & playdate

Tonight we were at Ms. Julie & Peyton's house for pizza while the Daddies met at The Livesay Group conference room. Ms. Susan & Hannah along with Ms. Amy & Ben and Matthew rounded out the group. So many new toys from Christmas, it was organized chaos! You would never know Matthew is the baby (or youngest I should say since he is one already), he is right in there with the rest of them, climbing on everything and staking his claim to the toy of the moment! He did look darling in his Ohio State outfit. It is a tie game at ten as I type now. Libby wore her pink cowboy boots and rode her pink/purple tricycle through the neighborhood since was an unusually warm January day. Bobby has the privilege of putting her to bed tonight.

Any New Year's Resolutions? I am modifying the phrase "one day at a time" to reflect my schedule, so here it is: Enjoy each half day at a time, then teach one class at a time. I am determined not to let school still my joy at home. I will not stay past 3:15. I will not fret about my situation. I will plan at school, grade at school and not bring work home -- period! Life is too short and Libby is only three this year. Lord, whatever I am supposed to learn from this please help me catch on quickly and make time fly! LSU just went up by a touchdown with seven minutes left in the second quarter. Until the next time, k