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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Shilito Park with MaMa

This is the same day as Lunch with Mama (see blog archive) but notice the different outfit. She is doing great with the potty but this was her first accident while we were at Shilito Park at the playground. She loves to slide, climb and crawl so much that she doesn't want to take a break to go to the restroom. She did but after she had already wet her pants! Never to fear, I had a change of pants in the car and she went right back to her job of playing. What a fun day!

Cousins who play together, nap together

This is my niece, Macy. She is helping me prepare for my new job as a US History teacher -- we are working the 100 piece Presidents puzzle. She did a great job -- actually recognizing Abe Lincoln! Her father is a High School Gov't, Economics and World History teacher at Davidson Academy in Nashville, TN. (I, on the other hand, have taught math, reading and English at the middle school level so this will be a new challenge for me.) Kevin takes a trip to DC every year and I believe the first year he brought her a book about Honest Abe. She is a bright student, just graduating from Kindergarten.
Libby loves her cousin! They have such a good time playing with each other. They wear themselves out and won't stop until we make them. Here are some pictures of them sacked out in my parent's bedroom. I think they were watching Cinderella, much to Millacy's chagrin. She would prefer one of the newer Disney movies. We did take her to see Ratatouille and I highly recommend it! Libby is still not ready for the loud theater sound (which her daddy loves) but I will get it on DVD when it comes out for her.

Poo Poo Party

Libby's latest achievement -- going to the potty! While her cousin Macy was here over the July Fourth holiday, she really did not want to wear diapers. She naturally wants to be big like Macy and that means wearing panties. They left for Nashville on a Thursday and she was going to the potty on Friday -- peer pressure can be a good thing at this age!

We have a sticker chart above her pink potty in the bathroom -- gold crowns for #1 and red crowns for #2. She has the first one down but still wants to put a diaper on for the second. Since she loves going to Gattitown, we decided to use this as an incentive. It worked once so off we went. Here she is with Bobby on the carousel, her favorite ride. You can check the bottom of the blog for Libby's Latest to keep update on her newest achievements. Thanks for viewing

Lunch with MaMa

Libby and I took my mom, Jenny, to lunch on Thursday, July 12th at Flag Fork Herb Farm. Have you been to this place? We love the comfort food (I had one of my bridal luncheons there with the Mohney ladies.) Every year they send me a free lunch for my birthday. I have had that green flyer on the fridge for awhile so by the time I made reservations I was down to a free dessert. I love quiche but usually they put things I don't like in there. Not today -- it was three cheese and ham so I ordered that with a linguine pasta salad that was to die for! All that to say that by the time dessert rolled around, I was stuffed. So being the wonderfully thoughtful wife that I am, I ordered Bobby the Key Lime Pie which he loves. Well, long story short, I forgot to bring it in from the car! What a bummer. What makes it even worse was that Bobby was at one of his clients doing work, Jean Farris Winery off of Old Richmond Road, and he being the thoughtful husband that he is, brought me a bottle of wine. That is when I remembered his pie -- several hours later in the hot car was not pretty! He appreciated the thought and so did I -- better luck next time!